Intergalactic diaries

I beep again

There is that sensation of drowning, again, so tired of this, I feel suffocated by it. It is brought higher with a beam of light. It is fucking, scary, as hell.
The higher I go, the higher the pentacle, is now chanting something inaudible. The pentacle is the key that configures the stars.

I am beeped.

There I am in front of the assembly of weird wizard looking robot lizards. Old grey, silvery, long-bearded, dressed with silvery gowns that cover their main body only revealing their feet looking tentacles and their multidimensional multi computing high level thinking enshrined in glass head that shoot-shines a pink rainbow light out of their gooishly looking mushy eyes, mushroom eyes.

I trip further into a channel, after having exchanged some words with the assembly, they looked at me after the whole blurting and farting that came out of my mouth, they just sighed and opened a gate towards the whatever dimension I was supposed to be at.

I find myself in a glass container with a mosquito, we are trapped and the mosquito is looking at me with hungry looking eyes. I don’t know how long I’ll be spending with this damn mosquito. I don’t even know how much time I’m spending in this shizz whatsoever. It’s a glass container in a white room with white neon flickering lights, trapped with a mosquito.
So I make the reflection: If I’m spending a lot of time here, I don’t wanna find myself alone in this shizzy, hence I ask myself the question, shall I let the mosquito have its lunches and dinners while we wait what the fuck is going on…or the other option.

The mosquito is looking at me like please choose the first option.

I’m like…

This is a story about a guy that lives in the future, he reminisces the old days, the ancient days that he heard about in some forgotten newspapers that were recycled into toilet paper, that he took once the time to read, now documenting his an “artist”.



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