Different Layer§ have different effects especially when well combined.

In story; to create harmony between the different layers is to master time and space.

People have developed many tools to master time and space. Our bodies, our experiences, our ecosystems, our accessories ;)…are such instruments we’ve developed to master space and time. ;)

My personal favourite tool is §tory.

In story there is what we call timeless stories (including space) and little stories. Little stories have the quality of emerging like flowers, for a cycle or so, to disappear coming frost.

Though each time, it is a different flower, say a unique flower, but using the same root-system as its predecessors.

I say a unique flower, cause we all know all flowers must be unique to manifest as such ;).

Millions, billions of such beautiful flowers have manifested in the world, often unnoticed by the human eye.

Different layers have different effects especially when…

I write this to the people that read m/y stuff.

(I assume that by being here and reading this so far you are familiar with my work)

So §tory is cyclical (replace c by b and you get the type of stories that can only be told “once” :p).

There is different ways to tell the same story. flowers growing and dying by billions in a cycle exceeding time itself in numbers.

My layer is §ix

The upside down Nine

each time I travel

distance becomes shorter

the more the faster

the more I feel surrender

for 9 is an upside down 6

Thank you for reading thus far :) I really enjoy what I do and you play therein a very important role.

Thank you.

I do realise that I lack technique to step up my game, you know get to the next level. I understand the work that’s waiting me, I understand memory training, layers, rythme, timbre, cadence, timing and bla bla bla…so yeah while I work on Those, meanwhile for fun I share some of my stuff with you :p I share with you these little flowers that won’t see the next day.

ps encouragements for destructive feedback :P






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