The trials of Thrickson Lazy.

Thrickson (you write Thrickson but you pronounce X’son) Lazy was a phenomenon. He is and will be remembered as a phenomenon.
Phenomenon is a trick word designating something but evoking something else.

He was such an advanced mathematician that he could see the patterns in everything. Every mouvement, the scale of its reach and retraction, the rhythm, the pleasure and the pain it contained, past future and present, Thrickson could perceive and manipulate.

It was easy for him. He could do it in any discipline, eyes closed.

We fast forward to the future.

Thrickson is facing something new. Something he never encountered before. So he decides to investigate, Enters into the pattern with his intelligent sentient consciousness.
He immediately determines the complexity and phase-tests his potential mouvements in micro-dose.
Measures the effect of causality and perceives the timing of the pattern.
For that he seeks within this alien body of his what the common denominator is and realises it is an organ of perception at the centre of his being conscious within the pattern.

Though he has no fucking clue of what is (F)actually going on.

That is when he sees the counterpart, arousing stimulation and clustering photonic particles within him go a-wire baching against the shield of his contraction. The breathing in of data, vulcanic erotic primality seizes him. Singularity now focussing on another centre, right between his legs. Something is the fuck going on in the place alright…

We rewind to the presence.

Thrickson is fighting his nemesis. An absolute horror to everything he breathes. Thrickson has never been so afraid as with this encounter now.
But he is a fighter and charges with his calm consciousness that is making couscous of his insides.

Master couscousiers will tell you that the whole secret of couscous lie in the way each atom is made to absorb a particular amount of moist to make it edible. They use vapor to do so and regularly shaking the couscousière to allow each atom to see the whole platform upon which it is being prepared. Too much vapor means that it’ll soak, too little means it’ll stay unfit for nutrition.

All the while Trickson is brutally fighting his nemesis and visualizing all this bullshit about couscous, a subject he knows nothing about.
Because it isn’t part of his culture…i guess

The story goes on, blablabla, he defeats his nemesis and unlocks some new infernal gear to deal with his demons.

Then we get to the past,

how Thrickson reached phenomenon status! But Thrickson ain’t giving that for free.. .

Connect with Dulalamayn 4 more 2 foll0w…


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